Welcome to HMR TENNIS!    We offer a range of services within the sport of tennis here in Reykjavik, Iceland.  

Tennis Instruction  January 6 – May 22, 2020
Starting January 6th.,  we will be offering winter courses  years  at three locations – Hliðaskóli gym, located at Hamrahlið 1, 105 Reykjavik, Viking Tennis Club at Tradarland 1, 108 Reykjavik and in Kopavogur at the indoor tennis hall.   Classes are held Monday – Friday from 15:30 – 20:00  and Sundays from 10:30 – 12:30.    Students who are starting out learn the technical and tactical  fundamentals of tennis, the rules and practice a range of exercises to improve their athletic ability.   Advanced players receive training to enhance their matchplay ability – tactical and mental training,  as well as tennis specific fitness exercises.

Teaching Staff
Courses are taught by tennis director  Raj K. Bonifacius,  International Tennis Federation Level 3 / Professional Tennis Registry  coach  with over 25 years experience in teaching young children the basics of tennis as well as coaching the national Davis Cup,  Fed Cup and junior squads &  TSI certified coach Rafn Kumar Bonifacius, 2015- 2019 National Icelandic Men´s Champion are ready to assist you.

The Hliðaskóli gym is located at Hamrahlíð 2, 105 Reykjavík (close to the Kringlan shopping center).  The Viking Tennis Club is located  at Tradarland 1, 108 Reykjavik  and the Tennishall in Kópavogur at Dalsmári 11, 201 Kópavogur close to the Smaralind shopping center.

Practice fees
Practices run from January 6 through May 22.  Practice fees are the following:

hours / week Practice fees   (January 6 – May 22) hours / week Practice fees   (January 6 – May 22)
1         31.500 kr. 3,5      70.000 kr.
1,5         41.500 kr. 4      75.500 kr.
2       50.500 kr. 4,5      80.500 kr.
2,5      58.000 kr. 5      85.500 kr.
3      64.000 kr. 6      90.000 kr.

We also offer a sibling discount of 10%.  Reykjavik, Kopavogur, Mosfellsbaer, Seltjarnarnes, Garðabær and  Hafnarfjörður offer children between 6-18 years old funding / support towards practice fees.

For further information, contact us at telephone 820-0825 or email us @ hmr@hmr.is

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Included are a Wilson tennis racket, tennis balls and a Wilson tennis shirt.
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Practice facilities: Hlíðaskóla Gym - Hamrahlið 2, 105 Reykjavík / Viking Tennis Club - Tradarland 1, 108 Reykjavik / Tennishöllin Kópavogur - Dalsmára 13, 201 Kópavogur